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Hi and welcome to my page here at RollerJam. I’d like to tell you a little about myself and what I do here. I am RollerJams Senior Event Coordinator. I’ve been advanced to this position for my dedication and attention to every party and event we hold here at RollerJam. This comes very natural for me because I Love what I do here. After all, its all about parties and having a great time. I personally want to make sure that each and every party or event is handled in a way that I would want my very own party catered to.

I want you to know that when you plan your event with me, that I will do my very best to see to it that every last detail will be double and triple checked to make sure everything goes a smoothly as possible. I truly want your party to be a success and really hope you are happy with it.

All of our Party Planners here at RollerJam are exceptional, so please feel comfortable to plan your event with any of our reliable planners. But rest to sure, I will still oversee each and every party and event that gets booked in our office.

When planning your party with me please feel free to call back or come in as often as you like to discuss your plans. Answering all of your questions is what I am here for. I don’t look at planning your party as work, I look at it as a joint venture together with you.

I love having parties and I love having fun, so what better place for me to be than right here waiting for you and your next party extravaganza. I am excited and can’t wait to help plan and book your event, so call me now!

GroovyStar Grace
Your SuperStar Party Planner! 718-605-6600

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