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It was in the spring of 2006 when RollerJam was first conceived. Tommy and brother Joe Costa were standing in front of one of their tanning salons on Hylan Boulevard, trying to think of what else to do that would be a benefit to the Staten Island community and in return a successful business opportunity for the partners. In typical fashion Joey was presenting to Tommy another one of his on going list of ideas about what they should do next. This was a typical conversation for the two; Joey runs off his ideas and Tommy listens to determine what he believes may, or may not work. And on this day a roller rink on Staten Island was the idea of the day. It was an almost instant keeper. The two agreed and it was off to the drawing board.

The location was found, the deal was made and a new roller rink in New York City was about to be born. The place: Tottenville, Staten Island, the most southern tip of New York State. Construction began that fall in October. It was a long and costly project that went way over budget, but by July 20th 2007 the new rink was finally open.

Just in the matter of a few months before opening, two of the last standing roller rinks in New York City, the Roxy (Manhattan) and Empire Skates (Brooklyn) had to close their doors due to circumstance’s beyond their control. New York was barren of a roller rink for just a couple of months, till RollerJam made its Debut.

A new twist on an old idea is what made RollerJam an overnight success. A new skate floor design, with a night club concept in mind, while presenting its perfectly aligned sound system and new technology disco light display “WoW’d!” the new roller skating patrons on the floor. It was a roller rink that New York could be proud of.


Received a wave of media press that boasted of the new rink. Proclaiming a new era of roller disco was on a come back. The hype was more than any advertising campaign could pay for.

After the first year of grandeur, the pace steadied to a perfect mix of walk in traffic and regular birthday parties, making for the perfect family entertainment center. RollerJam has recurring visitors from all over the Tri-State Area. It is also a popular destination for adult skaters on Saturday nights, when the adult session is held (21 and older). RollerJam features a full service bar, the only roller rink in America with a full liquor license.


Is not just a roller rink, RollerJam plays hosts to many entertainment venues. It has held Comedy Nights, Live Bands on Stage, Boxing Events, Sweet Sixteens, Reunions, Fundraisers, Flea Markets, Carnivals, Our Monthly Teen Dance Parties and the list goes on.

The facility has also been used regularly for shooting Music Videos, TV and Cable Shows as well as Photo Shoots for various Magazines and News Papers. Its the perfect place for a variety of diverse and fun events.

RollerJam has proven to be an entertainment center for the whole family to enjoy. It has created many cherished memories that will last a life time and will continue to be host to many more. Roller skating is a wholesome family activity that should remain a part of our culture. It has been around for the last hundred years, keeping families active together.

We look forward to seeing you soon. So get your wheels on and come roll with us.

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