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Through our work on, we've been lucky enough to speak to some of the incredible sex workers about the realities of their work. We hope that you share their stories and help change the harmful narratives often projected onto the sex industry. Today we chat to, Meridith Ye about how she started out in sex work, her passion for music and why non sex workers on escort directories need to look at how they are currently defining individual freedom. Tell us your story, how did you get into the industry and what has your journey looked like thus far I was facing a funding issue for a creative project I wanted to undertake while I was finishing my master’s program. I saw sex work as the perfect way to quench my curiosity and fund my creative projects. I first began to think it was possible when I did a little digging and saw such a supportive Twitter sex worker community where people constantly uplift each other. I’m fortunate to be friends with people whose online presence I admire, and that inspired me to create mine. My journey so far has been amazing. The experience of meeting people from all walks of life, in a setting where we can be vulnerable with each other, helped me understand and appreciate aspects of humanity that were unavailable to me before. I see authentic emotional connections emerge from relatively new relationships, and I always cherish those moments. What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work I love to read. I've been trying to do more note taking while reading recently. I also really enjoy creating music. Creating music to me is not only a creative expression, but also a ritual to find patterns in chaos. I saw on your website that you make music as well! What kind of music do you enjoy experimenting with and how long have you been creating I am still trying to find a common thread in my music, so, at the moment, there is no clear definition to it. Sometimes I'll hear tunes in my dreams, and I’ll record them when I wake up and save them in my inspiration folder. Music I make this way is often sad, but hopeful, and very ambient. Sometimes, I build on sounds I come up with on my synthesizers. That's always disoriented and mad. I've tried learning to make specific genres of music by watching tutorials. I tried to make hip-hop music this way and send it to my friends. They laughed. The first time I made a track on my laptop was about 4 years ago. How did FOSTA SESTA affect you and what did you see happen in the community I felt the effects of legacy advertising platforms alienating advertisers to protect their own interests immediately after the passing of this legislation. I saw a shift in our community from legacy advertising platforms to new and alternative ones that care about protecting the safety and privacy of advertisers. I also saw a shift from paid advertising to organic advertising on Twitter. Why do you think it is important for sex work to be decriminalized and how do you think this would change the way you work I think it's important to bring all parts of our nature into the light to better understand them. It's also important for our society to embody the values it claims to represent – particularly, individual freedom. I think decriminalizing sex work will offer a layer of protection to workers, and strip off a layer of protection to perpetrators of abuse. Have your views on sexuality changed because of your work I think my views on sexuality have expanded because of my work. I learned that thoughtful explorations of the human condition in conversations can be a powerful precursor to a sexual connection. I've learned to allow a safe space for diverse sexual expressions. I also learned to understand the pain that people feel in a society that pathologizes people’s sexuality instead of normalizing it. Do you have any advice for workers just starting out Unwanted advice from clients on how you should run your business regardless of its intent should not affect your business decisions. Keep track of your spending and have a monthly saving plan. What weird food combinations do you really enjoy Chili and vinegar; Grilled pineapple with hot sauce. My favorite lingerie label is. If you were to buy me a drink at a bar, you should buy me Tequila and soda with a splash of bitter My favorite thing to be gifted is.

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