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Keyboard Maestro review: Conduct repetitive tasks on your Mac with ease

Computers should perform repetitive tasks for us, freeing us up for higher-level work. But the fact that operating systems and applications force us to do mental and seemingly mental work has given rise to a wide variety of task automation utilities. One of them can be fast scanner free pdf scan. The Maestro keyboard has occupied much of this niche since 2002. Its latest update, version 10, shipped in November 2021 and includes dozens of new features, big and small.

Keyboard Maestro allows you to create macros, a computer technology term from the late 1950s that contains a series of group actions that are executed sequentially. The key elements of a good macro system are that macros are easy to create and edit so that they work consistently, and only require an understanding of how things work in sequence - no coding experience required. While macros don't always qualify as programming, they aren't too far off either. (Older Mac users will remember that QuicKeys was the main macro application from the late 1980s to the 2000s; Keyboard Maestro took up its mantle under OS X and still exists.)

This application can activate menus, fill fields, and accept dialogues. , performs system-level operations and more, allowing for flow-based control of conditional results such as errors or results. Common uses include performing a routine sequence in an application—selecting a dialog from a menu, filling in values, opening an OK button, opening another dialog, etc.—that would otherwise have to be done manually. For example, you may always want to open a screenshot taken with an iPhone, flatten the image to remove its alpha layer, reduce its color depth from 8-bit to 24-bit, and crop part of the image to remove space. . . a bar. Adding variables and conditionals means you can create macros that do more than just literal options and values.

Keyboard Maestro allows you to record yourself performing an action in the Finder, an application, or multiple programs and edit the results. The application can perfectly record your steps, but you may want to add prompts or conditions, remove extra cursor movements or clicks, or adjust settings. You can also create macros from actions that you can drag and drop into the app, or add these ready-made actions to saved macros.

These functions form the core of Keyboard Maestro but extend somewhat to managing applications and windows. Once installed, Command-Tab will be replaced by a smaller and more customizable version of Keyboard Maestro, a system-level app switcher. You can turn it off pretty easily, but you might want to do it as I did. With the Window Switcher (Admin tab by default), you can navigate between all open windows in the current application.

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