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8 useful tips to Groom your Emotional Support Cat - 2022 Guide

Some owners only focus on accomplishing the requirements such as the ones that allowed them to keep their emotional support animal with them all the time. For example, they make sure they have an esa letter for housing and other such official documents so that no one questions them for keeping the animal at home or in society. However, these owners need to understand that the animal also needs attention and there are some requirements that need to be fulfilled so that they can remain healthy and active. This means that they should be aware of the fact that the emotional support animals need proper training and grooming.

Nowadays, we observe that almost every single person owns a cat or a dog. Most people are fond of keeping animals as they love spending their time with them. These animals are mostly service animals. However, there are some unique animals that are kept to provide emotional support to the people. These animals are known as emotional support animals. As the name implies, emotional support animals provide emotional support to the people who are suffering from or experiencing some sort of mental, cognitive, or emotional health issues such as depression, stress anxiety, etc.

Most people perceive that emotional support animals are not effective in providing emotional support to people and helping them reduce or overcome mental or cognitive health issues. The reason behind this is that they have not experienced a lifestyle with an emotional support animal. On the other hand, people who have experienced living with an emotional support animal reveal that emotional support animals are very effective in providing emotional support to people.

Some people like to keep dogs as emotional support animals while others prefer cats or rabbits, or even miniature horses, etc. This preference is mainly their choice keeping into consideration their cognitive or mental health issues as every type of emotional support animal is unique and different from others. Some of the people are so used to their emotional support animal that they take it with them everywhere, but they make sure that they have an emotional support animal letter so that no one raises objections to keeping the animal.

Keeping emotional support animals is not just the only thing. Meaning that it is the responsibility of the owner to provide necessary training and grooming to their emotional support animal. This training and grooming are necessary for the animal to remain healthy and active, which in turn will allow you to remain healthy as they are for your emotional support.

Grooming different emotional support animals is different. For instance, it is very difficult to groom an ESA cat as compared to an ESA dog. This is because every type of animal is handled differently. Moreover, cats are found to react negatively if you aim to groom them. However, using appropriate ways for grooming can help you handle their negative behavior. Mentioned below are 8 useful tips that can help you groom your emotional support cat:

If you have not groomed your emotional support cat before or if you are doing it for the very first time, then make sure not to aim to provide her the complete grooming at that very moment. The reason behind this is that you are not aware of how cats are handled when they react negatively. In most cases, cats who are being groomed for the very first time do not like it and try to hurt the person who is providing it the grooming. Therefore, it is suggested to start with small areas. This will allow the cat to understand what is happening and will let it get used to it. With time you can start grooming all other areas as well.

The right time of grooming is very necessary and it is the perfect tip for effectively grooming your emotional support cat. This helps in maintaining a proper routine for the cat which allows her to prepare herself for the next time when she is being groomed.

Provide grooming to the emotional support cats when they are in a good mood. This will allow you to easily provide them with grooming as you will not have to handle their negative behavior.

Make sure to brush smoothly and gently especially at sensitive areas such as the stomach and face. This will allow you to carry out the grooming session very easily as your emotional support cat will be happy and enjoying the grooming session.

Owners when brushing their dogs do not keep into consideration the direction of their hairs. This is because dogs do not react when the owner is brushing their hairs against the natural direction. However, cats are found to react to such situations. Therefore, it is suggested to brush the hairs of the cat in the direction they are naturally present.

Make sure not to take your cat outside for grooming as others are not aware of the sensitivity or behavior of your emotional support cat. Moreover, you will be required to fulfill formalities such as official documents or an ESA Letter.

Use small, medium, and large brushes for properly cleaning and combing the hairs of different lengths of your emotional support cat.

After the grooming session, provide your cat with some treats as a reward for being calm and cooperative during the entire grooming session.

These are the 8 useful tips that will help you grow your emotional support cat easily.

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